2023: 06.05 - 07.05 : Atelierinbeeld

2022: 12.06 - 03.07 : Palimpsest #2 - Groupexpo by Yoc_ in Hasselt at Galerie Dessers

2022: 13.05 - 14.05  : Atelierinbeeld

2021: Dec and Jan: Design Museum Brussels - group expo in different Belgian museums curated by Museumpas.

2021: July and Aug: group exposition Belgicart at Stichting IJsberg, in response to an open call from Bozar and a selection by Sam Dillemans.


My images originate intuitively, unprepared and are always an exercise and a search.
Gradually, there is an evolution towards deepening and simplification.
New work often arises in response to a previous work.

Intuition also has its origins. I notice that images and structures from the real world lead or inspire me. How does our field  of vision influences our imagination, what leads us unconsciously? The spatial surroundings in which we wander and move are full of lines, fields, depth and perspective, also in nature.

How do we experience ourselves within those spatial structures and how much personal space do we need? Where do we  prefer to be, in which open or closed space, place, corner, behind, under, hidden or not? Where can the eye find  tranquility? Where can you let it gaze and rest and with the eye also your thoughts.

The image that arises could be an impression of the feeling of some haven.

An imaginary space that arises during a search for obviousness and subtle balance.

Painting as a synthesis of practicing, searching, sensing, finding, concentration, disillusionment, action, curiosity, pauses, accidents, imagination and the unspeakable.



graduated Sculpture - Beeldhouwkunst, Sint-Lukasinstituut, Brussel


I live and work in Wemmel, close to Brussels.

A lifetime ago I graduated in Sculpture at the Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussels.

Many years later, in 2018, I started painting, carefully but with great enthusiasm.