2023: 17.06 - 17.07 : selected for 'prijs van de MAKERS' - Groupexpo at Sint-Annakasteel, Maldegem

2023: 06.05 - 07.05 : Atelierinbeeld

2022: 12.06 - 03.07 : Palimpsest #2 - Groupexpo by Yoc_ in Hasselt at Galerie Dessers

2022: 13.05 - 14.05  : Atelierinbeeld

2021: Dec and Jan: Design Museum Brussels - group expo in different Belgian museums curated by Museumpas.

2021: July and Aug: group exposition Belgicart at Stichting IJsberg, in response to an open call from Bozar and a selection by Sam Dillemans.



good question

why do we do what we do

what are our motives?

I can only think of this

for me it’s worth it

I find it interesting enough to work on

the experience of freedom and creation

and the most peculiar and grateful moment when

my work is appealing to the viewer


intuitively, without a defined plan

because I like surprises

a lead from a previous work that makes me want to do more

the eager child

stay curious and go in different directions

while staying close

paint, erase, discover, repeat

switching of the mind and concentrate

courage and underlayers

until obviousness comes along


I’m not a writer so it’s difficult

I choose to make images

abstract paintings because I don’t want to define

too complicated, too direct

untitled, mostly

the viewer has his own story


feelings and thoughts gathered 

in some chaotic balanced order

images and structures from the real world invade my paintings


the field of vision influences my inspiration

spatial surroundings

on the border of imagination

tranquility for the eye and with the eye also the mind

simplification, calmness and balance


escape and recharge

not forgotten impressions

closeness, distance and common grounds


where do you want to be?



graduated Sculpture - Beeldhouwkunst, Sint-Lukasinstituut, Brussel


I live and work in Wemmel, close to Brussels.

A lifetime ago I graduated in Sculpture at the Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussels.

Many years later, in 2018, I started painting, carefully but with great enthusiasm.